US NAVY Uniforms

OK, So after watching H50 last Friday night, Many questions rose up. But one that called my attention was non-directly-related with the episode but more with Uniforms. YES! One friend asked: “Why did they use The Whites with Billy and The Blues with Freddy?” Incredible question! So, this girl’s curiosity turned on and did some research about it. Wanna know more about the why? In that case keep reading…

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#H50 EP 404 POLL


As usual, hope I can know your opinion about the show.  So, here it’s the lastest poll about Hawaii Five-0 Last week’s episode. In case you don’t remember: The runaway bride one!





Hawaii Five-0 Ep 402 + 403 Poll Results


Fair enought to let you know last week’s Polls about episodes 4×02 and 4×03. Here’s what you said about them…

How was Episode 4×02?

67 % Said it was AMAZING

33 % Think It Could Be Better

How was Episode 4×03?

100% Said it was AMAZING

Shocking great results!!! THANKS FOR VOTING!

BUT PLEASE REMEMBER! You have till the end of the month to keep expresing your opinion on my HAWAII FIVE-0 FANS CHOICE SURVEY!

I truly appreciate all your support dear friends! So,KEEP DOING IT! 😉




Hawaii Five-0 Recap 4×04 “A ia Ia aku”


Here’s my last recap about Hawaii Five-0’s latest episode! Im really sorry for the delay, this was supposed to be posted about 2 days ago, but I had some internet issues. Still, I guess it’s never too late to read about Hawaii Five-0 Right? ENJOY!!

PREVIOUSLY ON “Ka’ oia i’o ma loko”

Five-0 Team investigated the murder of a wealthy Hawaiian couple. Later on is revealed that the reason of the crime was to get one hawaiian artifact related with an old legend. One that ended up being real, and that with the help of Jerry they were able to resolve. The three gold rings were put sound and safe. While on personal ground,Danny keeps “Cargumenting” with Steve about the big mistake he’s making by allowing Catherine go working Billy. Steve becomes “BFF” with Max after he helped him to get a gift for Cath’s ceremony. Catherine gets ready to leave the Navy and gets a going-away party from Billy (With a very yummy Cake by the way). At the end we find Steve realizing Billy’s real intentions as he sees him on Catherine’s ceremony with flirty smiles.

2013-10-18 18.25.41

NOW ON “A ia Ia aku”…

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Hawaii Five-0 Season Premiere Poll Results


Well, I guess It’s time to reveal the result of the first poll i made.

I asked you how do you think the premiere episode was and this is what you said…

67% Said it was AMAZING

33% Considered it was SPECHLESS

2013-10-03 12.54.29

Say WHAT? Even Alex agrees…LOL

There you go!!! I guess we already kknew that! But still good to confirm. Im gonna take avantage of this chance to remmeber you my HAwaii Five-0 Fans Choice Survey is still available till the end of this month. So you’re free to keep letting me know!!!

Here’s the link:





How was Hawaii Five-0 4×02 and 4×03?


I already have my opinion made about the recent episodes of H50, But i wanna know yours. Do you mind to let me know what you think? How was the episode 4×02? and 4×03? Please Feel free to comment as well! THANK YOU!!



Never too late! H50 Recap Combo! 4×02 + 4×03

Hello Friends! It’s been a while right? Sorr for that! But I guess it’s better if you two by one at once. So,Im  not gonna sa more except for ENJOY!

PREVIOUSLY  ON “Aloha Kehaki I Kehaki”

On the season premiere we got amazing action scenes! McG played like a video game to save himself and Wo  Fat. He got held hostage alongside Danny and Chin into HQ. Cath was kidnapped to blackmail Steve to set free the terrorists. They fought together against them and Steve did one of his best stunts ever by jumping into a helicopter in movement. Danny calling him” Superman” Oh! And Steve  confronting Cap. Grover somewhere in between. Steve suspected WF could be his brother and took his DNA to Max to running against his own. And we finished the episode finding out that the terrorists sold Kono&Adam’s location to the Yakuzas, having Kono hanging out on who was behind her door…

2013-09-29 00.33.13

NOW ON “A’ Ale Ma’a Wau” (4×02)

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