Hawaii Five-0 Pic Spam 4×05 “Kupu’ eu” (Fallen Hero)

Again, sorry friends I didn’t posted this before. To be honest I still was on shock trying to digest everything that happened.  So, this is not the typical long recap but more like an overview of what happened the last 2 weeks Ok?BUT Before telling you everythnng about it. Why don’t we remember the previous ep , 3 weeks ago, a lil bit?

PREVIOUSLY ON “A ia la aku”

OH GOOD KOWLOON!!! That’ where the episode started as we saw Adam and Kono taking a yakuza from te trunk of a car and put hi into an old storage place. Just to ater find out the guy was under the orders of Sato, they wanted not only Adam and Kono dead. Our dear Kono calls Chin to let him knows the news while he tells (well more than warned) Adam he must he keep his promise and keep Kono safe. OH Julia Roberts! She and making women believe it’s ok to runaway on the same day of the wedding. That’s how the case started a runaway bride crashing down a hill, a dead guy appeared in a hotel room who ended up being the bride’s con-artist brother. The mother in law’s lawyer was who killed the guy and tried to blackmail the bride. At the end as usual Five-0 discovers everything and arrested the baddie. Meanwhile Danny breaks up with Gabby, who is going to work on Colorado at the same time that Catherine started to work with Billy.


NOW ON ” Kupu’ eu”

I would Love to teLl you every step along the way that happened in thi episode, but theres also certain parts I would like to skip. So, Im just gonna tell you Highlights and Cons, Hope you stilll enjoyy it! 😉


-Open the episode with car chasing scene was great, but to see that the ones being chased were Adam and Kono was WOW! It broke my heart to see Kono watching how the yakuzas took Adam away. The look in  her face was spechless. Just proving even more the amazing actress that Grace Park is.

1_zps0f2c9939-Having a different complicated case, involving cheating and a guy with a gun shooting everyone. For a change we got to see Mr. Justin Bruening showing his talent as Billy, bad thing it didn’t last too much. As we saw him fall down hard when a bullet hit him in the abdomen.  Cath gets shot (Or should I say “Gazed” 2 B more accurate)too. We see her taking him to the hospital. When they’re taking him in, she faints.

2013-10-26 15.57.39

-Back to McGarrett’s house we see McSexy working in his classic Merc. OH! Did I mention he was doing so while in a white shirt? OH YES! Everything was ok until we see Joe into the picture, who as usual tells nothing concrete to Steve about his mom. He only hides behind Fancy well made lines. Right on time to see Steve get a call letting him know about Billy and Cath’s shooting.


-While in the hospital we see a waiting Steve, in a beautiful sweater by the way. Cath wakes up, he tells her Billy died. That moment I cried but it had absolutely nothing to do with Cath but with losing Billy so soon. Opposite with what many Cath lovers said about him, I truly believe his character had a lot of potential to make a good story there. And yes I know JB got a regular on Grey’s Anatomy, but that doesn’t change me believing it would have be interesting.


– Cath leaves the hospital and leads McG To the crime scene, even tho it doesnt look like one there. Until they find prove someone cleaned up recently and there’s fresh paint in  the walls. The vitim was John Cuttler, Billy’s Client’s husband. And the lover was an escort/real state agent named Abby Maxwell. She doesnt know anything about it exept the secret phone John had.


-They need the info in Cuttler’s laptop, but instead of taking it to Toast (I still cannot believed thy doubted abt him -_-) Our dear Joe-To-The-Rescue offers to take it to one of his old buddies from DOD (Seriously McG? After what he did to you with the Gov’s Office vid?) And he takes Danny with him. Joe/Danny cargument attempt: Yes, and that just proved it can’t happen, it’s just a Steve//Danny thing. What called my attention (Besides Joe driving a Toyota instead of a Chevy) was Joe trying to make Danny to convince Steve to stop looking for Doris. Guess what Joe? McG WON’T STOP! You’ve being lying and hiding things from him from the beginning. You better start trying to use a different strategy.


-Chin got a call with Kono (OH how much I love this Overprotective Chin conversations! *_*) He tried to make Kono come back home, but once again we confirmed tha she has the biggest heart ever. She decided to stay and keep looking for Adam, AND SHE HANGS UP ON CHIN!! Rude but efffective!

Sin título

-Back on HQ, we find out Five-0 Team discovered Cuttler had a lot of stolen classified info he got from his wife. Which made think, that either he or she ,one of them was a spy (Why not both?Spy-stealing-spy). The cabain waas owned by the wife’s firm’s competitor. The guy obviously ends up surrending to them and admitting the company cleaned the mess but they didn’t kill Cuttler.

-And The next question here is: Didn’t Steve supposedely had a “Highly advanced security alarm” into his house? At least that’s what we knew from S1 when he got tazered. Well, i guess it doesn’t work anymore watching how easily White broke into it. For what? To steal a mysterious lil piece of papers with numbers on inside John McG’S Old recorder inside the “CHAMP BOX” YAY!! And i mention the numbers, because Im sure we will see them again: “46 33 79 2 45 6 46 9” (How did Joe know about it? Did John ever told him? Mamma McG maybe? WHY? HOW?)

2013-10-26 16.08.19

-Chin finds the shooter is a professional hit man. They all go to his house, but when they get there he’s already bleeding to death and dies in front of them. They trace the files in the dead shooter’s laptop back to Abby’s office. Even tho she has an alibi, the real guilty one is….DING DING DING Her assistant Andrew. Just because he was in love with her. Seriously? And you got Billy killed for that? Come one at least motive shoud have been Money, that I woud have understand.


-OMG!!! I’ve never been so freak out by a plushie before!!! Please  Joe stop scaring the hell out of me, dont traumatize me!!! Why? What’s with the plushie anyways? O_O?? Awfully freakin scary!!!!


We learn he’s inside a guy’s house (Hmmm…Someone else thinks he already broke like million laws here? 2 breaks-in on one day?) who we find out he’s probably CIA. Why? Well, for starters, Joe’s there asking for Doris. And again  “Dale con la necedad!”(Keep going with the foolishness) The guy asks Joe too to keep Steve in the dark about Doris. What’s wrong with her?  Do they know Steve is grown up child right? If you tell him NO he will do so faster!


-One of the best parts of the episode was Billy’s funeral. Beautiful!! And Steve looked amazingly hot too dressed in white. Totally touching, it made me cry. A great tribute to the fallen heroes around the world too. Afterwards the irish pub!! Drinks and music (The Minstrel Boy), where we hear Joe telling Steve Doris might be active in CIA again and won’t be back in a while. Seriously? Good to see McG doesn’t buy this bunch of lies anymore.




You wonder then Which cons? Well, for starters:

-Making look Catherine’s gaze like a “Kill Shot” wound. IMO more dramatic than needed, why? Well, I S2 When Kono was shot she barely got wrapped bandage, same with Danny in the PILOT Ep, and recently in S3 Ep 23 she got badly wounded in the stomach and she didn’t even got stitches.So, That’s why I feel that hospital part was bit over exagerated. (If this hurt sum1 n any way Im sorry, but it’s my opinion. So, I will Be more than grateful if we keep RESPECT here. Thanks)

-Having Danny mysteriously gone without knowing why or where he was. Im gonna guess that he went to Gracie’s after all.

Not trusting Toast with the decryptation. Especially after all, he was the one that helped Danny and Chin to find out what was taken from the death-Smart-Table in Premiere episode. Leaving Joe take it to his “Friend” just  makes me wonder if something in Cuttler’s laptop was related somehow with CIA-JOE-DORIS-WOFAT Thing.

Makes the assistant kill Cuttler for jealousy. After being wife’s a Private Highly Classified Info Company, involving corporative espionage, I expected at least someone killing to steal information. Or pass on data for money, to ruin someone’s life because of secrets. I guess it sounded to predictable for them as much as it was predictable to me victimizing Catherine over what happened -_-

I guess I could mention more other lil facts, but I’m gonna leave it that way. Hope you enjoyed it anyways.




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