Hawaii Five-0 #WeekendChallenge! Recap 4×6 “Kupouli ‘La”


So, friends I know it’s been a while since last time I wrote. But many things happened in the last weeks included me getting sick and then getting my pinky toe broken. But anyways DRAMA-FREE-ZONE HERE!!! 🙂

So this weekend I asked via Twitter 2 u my dear friends if you wanted a challenge, well more for me than for you! Andyou said yes!!! So, Im working as fast as I can to make it happen!! So here we GO!!! Hawaii Five-O Recaps #WeekendChallenge !!! So, here is the first of three recaps o the recent #H50 Episodes. ENJOY!!!


On episode 4×05 we saw a very emotive episode when we,predictable, lost Billy from a bullet hole in his stomach. Everything after a failed surveillance case that he and Catherine were working on. I must say we had some fun the fainting theory here but Im gonna leave that out. The whole episode was around finding out the guilty one. As well as we saw Cath being cop without a badge and Joe coming back with more misteries. Yes! Joe, came back into the picture just to let us know there was a small mysterious piece of paper with numbers into the ChampBox’s recorder, which apparently were a file of Doris…O_o??? That and how, in the other side of the world, Adam make the sacrifice of giving himself away to keep Kono safe…What’s her decision? To stay loyal to her love and look after him. Besides the touching funeral scenes, looking at Billy’s dad receive the flag and gorgeous Steve in Full Dress White with the rest into an Irish Pub…

2013-10-26 23.45.11


Another year, another Halloween EpisodeI must say it wasn’t as scary as you could have expected in other years. But I think we must remember the previous Halloween Episodes to be sure. Shall we???

SEASON 1: As far as I rememeber we didnt get one but we did get a Christmas theme one.

SEASON 2: Episode 7 “Ka Iwi Kapu”: We enjoyed to see funny interactions between our beloved characters plus Lori. An oblivious at first but later scared Danny. Our Silver Camar get a rock. Steve wonddering about Lori’s possible costume that night. A small scare for Steve when Lori was attacked from behind. A lil creepy(yet another under-used legend guest star). Danny being disrecpectful with hawaiian traditions and paying the consequences later on when moving -then-immediately-leaving his apartment. Lil of “Hunted Houses” and lil of “spirits”

SEASON 3: Episode 5 “Mohai”: Funny Lovely Kamekona into military camouflage costume interrumpting McG’s Date night plans. A weird case related to someone cut in lil pieces and something about a sacrifice cult. Dont blame because I wasnt paying to much attention to the case when seeing Danny into a red cape, lil Grace dressed as lil bee and all of them sharing a movie night with Steve in his house…

SEASON 4: Episode 6…Wait this is the one we are going to talk about!!!! “Kupouli ‘La”

We opened the scene with Lovely Max and his dear GF Sabrina Lee, both in really cute cutoms into a party beach.Everything was ok until a zombie-alike appeared attacking ppl. Great Start!!!


We moved to Steve’s house to see him in a sexy white shirt, giving candies to kids in his door, was really cute, a nice touch. What I didnt know was his “Dr.Phil” abiliities, apparently Danny is a good teacher on the matter. McSexy was playing doctor with “Sad” Cath bc she still feel bad after Billy’s death -_- (Unncessary much,maybe?)


Back on the beach, Chin Ho arrives. Cutie Max explains him nt only the condition of the attacker-now-victim-patient, as well as his Keanu Reeves Theme Custom. Everything seemed ok until Max says the magic words… M:”OH GOD!! Is happening!!S:”What’s happening??” C:”Max??’ M:”i’VE BEEN INFECTED!!” Then he fainted!!! But nop, this time there was a real reason behind that happening (No Fainting Goat Here!! ;D) He was sedated by the direct contact with the victims blood.


Later on the hospital we learn it was because a medicine called “Scopolamine” (U dont know what that is? Check this link if u want…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scopolamine ) The vic had it in his blood when he passed out, so that’s wh when Max tried t help him got it as well.

CARGUMENT TIME!!! How much we love this!!! This time it wasnt Danny giving Steve advice! (Thanks God!) But It was because an angry Danny after see his front three covered into Toilet Paper on Halloween day!!! DUH Danny!!! It’s a way to have fun!!!


Followed by the scene that make Fanfiction explode with McDanno fics!! Once they arrived to a parking lot, aparty bus stops right there and drops some people, so the bus driver invite them to get in as well. They don’t  even hesitate and got in. Well, they both st down there find a tanga!!! OH STEVE!!!  LOVE YOOU!!!! He says: “{…}Or Are you gonna put that on??? ” Funny!!! If u ask me, I think Danny looked lost there for a sec…Did he really think in that?? 😉


Danny and Steve expressions were priceless when looking at the half naked girls there. At the same time Danny fearing for lil Grace doing such a thing in the future, Watch out boys! Don’t dare touch his lil sunshine!!


At the same time Chin is into the morgue following anther clue which leads him to a head-less body!!! Said it!!! CREEPY!!!


Back on HQ they find more evidence that keeps guiding them on the right direction. We see Chin n HPD’s impound parking lot inside a car where they find a hidden wireless camera. Steve inside a house (another key clue) receives the call from Chin letting him know about it. So McG Checks around and also finds another hidden camera into the air duct of a bedroom.


Next, they’re walking into a pathway in the woods (I still believe judging by the images they have Nokia’s Lumia 920) OH BOY!! Dann called HPD to investigate who put the toilet paper on his three!!! For Real!!! Well we discovered that and that he is Claustrophobic!!! Seriously? I wonder what’s the story behind that! BUT LOVED STEVE’S FACE!!!


OH WAIT!!! I almost 4get 2 mention the cuteness overdose that Max/Sabs always cause me!!! They’re sooooooo cute togethe! Definetely a really good call to have Rumer Willis on the show. Really good pairing. Hope it last!!!


I wish I could skip this part but is integral part of Kono’s story so, only because of that Im writing it down. Cath keeps feeling up to be on the team and “Move on from Billy”, so what she does? Investigate “RIKU SATO” and also his contact on the island (sorry i can’t remember his name) The guy behind everything. And we see her showing that to Chin Ho.


Well, it looks like McG Had to go inside alone. But that’s how he found a poor boy, traumatized boy BTW, who helped them to find out what was really happening. A really awful and scary scar on his neck take them to Max. Ok, who else thinks on Sheldon when Max Talks? *Raises hand* Here Dear M, let 50 knows it was possible evrything caused by an experiment!!! YES!!! A HUMAN EXPERIMENT!! CREEPY!!! Back on HQ the team keep debating the evidence and the theories, when Max visit them again. He puts a flashdrive into the smart table and show them an X-Ray(OH BOY!! Even Max knows how to use the HQ technology!!! #SorryNotSorry couldnt stop myself!!!) We discover Smart-MAX Found out the poor kids were experiments, some sort of twisted surgery in the brain to change their behavior.


AND WE PLAYED SPY!! YES!! Get a swim suit, a wink, sunglasses and lipstick, act like silly-flirty girl with hot asian guy in the elevator and u got it!!! You are officially graduated!!! LOL…. OK,OK,OK, Apologies, but was bit funny and bit un-real 2 me. (This is from my perspective, remember? ;)) I do give her credit 4 remind me my childhood icon McGuyver (Im no saying she acted like him!). But to easy I believe.


Steve MY HERO!!! So, the old guy from the bus party was the dad of one of the boys that was being part of the experiment. He paid a “doctor” to do such awful things. And our lovely McG Instead of hurting the scared boy, he just held him tight and calmed hi down.

OMG!!!! Gracie was the one who used the toilet paper!!!! How hilarious and cute that was!!! She thought it would be mean to do it to other ppl’s house so she did it to her own!!! *-* OH Danny!!! He gently offered to take her to uncle Steve’s house next time!!! 😀


So, FINALLY!!! We got a glipse of the insides abt Kono’s whereabout!!! Chin Ho into the office talking with Steve about the INTEL Info they got so far.  And….Well, at least one thing to like about Cath, she’s heping bring our beloved Kono back. HOW? Using her “NAVY INTEL” Abilities…



So, here you go parrt one of 2day’s challenge of three recaps!! 😀 Hope you like it!!!! ENJOY!!!


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