Hawaii Five-0 #WeekendChallenge! Recap 4×07 “Ua Nalohia”


Here we are again!!! So excited!!!! This is part 2 of Hawaii Five-0 #WeekendChallenge!!! Thanks to my dear friends for the support and kind words!! You really inspire me!!


We got another Halloween Episode. Even when it wasn’t that creepy as previous years, I consider that to have a headless corpse and Human Experiments on Teenagers was more than ok with the date. We saw Max and Sabrina again, one of my fave pairings so far. We got a bit more of Cath/Steve drama mixed with Zombie Theme Alike case. What would Be of Danny without Grace? The lil cutie this time around choose to cover his three with toilet paper instead of doing it to a neighboor’s one!! Besides the case, we enjoyed to know the lil fact that Danny is claustrophobic! How? We didn’t know. But Steve’s face was amazing!! Well, even Max knows how to use HQ’s technology but someone else doesnt (Wonder who? ;D) At least they put Cath to good use (About time?)  by allowing her to investigate on Adam’s dissapearance (Watch out Annie Walker! (Covert Affairs, any1?)LOL) Steve being a hero, again and some Danny/Grace bonding time!!!



And we opened with a Half-Dream come true!! Steve coming out the shower with nothing on,except for a towel!!! *-*. Here______________________(Feel the blank space w/ur drooling and admiration) Until of course we realize he’s either alone either gonna do a striptease for us!! (MISTAKE!!! -_-)I must say I didn’t pay attention to their lil chat…I was lost in “Train Of Thought” Touching…I mean admiring his wet and fresh beauty…*Clears throat* Sorry…What I was saying?? Right!: “Can I get a badge 2 Steve? I feel unprotected!!! OH WAIT a sec..*Goes check on Amazon…“Five-0 Badge”…Finds it* Never mind is only $49.88” -_-


It was “just” 03 min 35 secs of the “Opening Scene” .Even tho I loved the song, I wasnt in ” that” mood, I was in the living room of my house. “Mr & Ms Smith”?! OH WAIT! No, Nop. False alarm, it was just  “A Yakuza & Cath”….Broken glass, broken doors…WAIT! What did she said 2 Steve earlier? RIGHT! “BOO! Improvise!” -_-Wonder what happened…Nice fight BUT  The only 2 things I Really liked? SHOES!! What? Im a girl! Well, it was a nice dress but I have a “Boden” (http://bit.ly/1d63hHp),so no jealous actually.I mean it.


*H50 THEME SONG ….* Now, on the case! We see a mother with her lil son in a beautiful beach, while a man looks from the sea on a surfboard. Everything seemed ok until of course someone had to die, so  from nowhere we see a baddie coming from behind on another board and stabbed the poor guy to death.

OH CHIN!!! Another good reason for what I watch the show! He’s having “Pancakes” for breakfast while texting with Leilani! FINALLY! Finally we get a glimpse to his private life after Malia’s death, which make me happy :D.


The wrong part? To see an awful, awful, awful attempt from Lou Grover to “Get Close” to H50 By paying for Chin’s meal. Something that obviously couldnt be good taken.


THE BABY!!! YAY!!! I LOVED McG’S FACE!!! The poor hottie had a “OMG” expression written all over! OH MARY!! That’s mean but funny Mary Ann!!! And the sign? “It’s a Girl, Congratulations”! Amazing!! WE WERE INTRODUCED TO… M:”I named her after dad” S:”You named her John?” M:”NO! JOAN”… That’s right JOAN MCGARRETT. But of course McG wouldn’t be alright with it immediately, right?…S: “You gotta give her back” M:”Steve I can’t give her back like an X-Box!!!” GR8!!! BRAVO!!!


On the crime scene… S: “She’s going back” D: “You mean to the orphanage with kids nobody wants?” Well said Danny!!!


The vic’s ID  is Bryan Carpenter. Chin and Steve go to his house, where they find a small hidden tube in the shower. What was inside? A key and 2 pictures. And well… Chin Ho recognized the guy on the pic. It was the vic, but he wasnt Bryan Carpenter, he was an ex-cop…


Back on Max’s, they confirm the real ID of him. Chin tells Steve a lil background on him. When he’s still talking a guy, Special Agent Kennedy comes into the picture. Matt Hutchins (Real Vic’s name), was actually an undercover cop working for the ATF, in a three years operation.

Chin gives the tragic news to the wife.She let him knows that Matt used to contact her through different numbers once in a while. But that last time he sounded sure everything will be done soon.


McGarrett and Danny meet the ATF Agent. Where he has a full board covered with the whole investigation they were doing since years. Where all the big fish were targeted by them as well.


He ordered the secretary, who was the one on charge of transcribe all the conversations with Matt, to give all the info to Steve. She says she never met him in person, that she just transcribed his notes…. BLAH BLAH BLAH, Im tellin u she sounded weird since she started to talk. To…”Honest” to be true…

Another Under-Used Guest Star, X-Hibit? (Mispelled right? Well Im sure you got it anyways!!) Who was playing Dekker, the baddie. We barely saw him, but even in the few scenes he had was very convincent. Until he tried to threat Steve and getting him cuffed in the ground for it. Loved his line tho: “Shouldnt you be celebrating in a Donut Shop or somewhere?” D:”That sounds excellent!!” Very sarcastic Danny!!! 🙂


And Steve gets a call, THE CALL!!! It looks like you shouldnt eat in a plane if you are flying into Hawaii ppl!! Mary got SALMONELLA!! (What’s that? Check this link...SALMONELLA)


Poor mare has no one else to go except for her “Neandarthal Animal” Brother Steve!!! Loved Steve’s face. But she should get an award!!! The way she convinced him…WAS AMAZING!!! M: OK! I’ll just call Child Services and Joan’s gonna have to be placed with a Foster Care Family for a while… I hope the trauma  doesn’t affect her cognitive development…” S:”COGNITIVE? Do you even know what that word means?” (Sorry Steve, but DO YOU? I had no idea either SUPER SEAL! Well, Im sure you didn’t either so another info link?…COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT) M: “You’re an awful uncle” OUCH! And just like that, because nobody calls him awful HE TOOK THE JOB! Sorry, I mean JOAN!!!


DANNY’S EVIL LAUGH!!! OMG!!! I laugh so hard when I saw him!!! He was amazingly cute!!! *-* Steve and a Baby? For a minute I tought I went back on time till “Thee Men And A Baby” and why not? Even “Full House”. Both great shows futuring MEN and BABIES together *-*.  Danny’s “I’M RETIRED” Killed me!!



“Uncle Steve on Diaper Duty” Keep going Danny!! And I thought that Chin was serious!! :“Mazel Tov!!” Well, I believe his smile was soon gone!!! WHEN? When Steve and Danny left him alone taking care of JOAN!! His priceless face was…THAT!! S:”If she gets hungry-Bottle in here!” C:”How Am I suppose to know when she’s hungry?” D:”OH! You’ll know!! TRUST ME!!!”


OK!!! NO PIC!! I really felt bad for the poor “Yakuzita” MAN! I’m telling you, I don’t get the way they handle injuries in H50. While he looked like ran over by a train; Miss “Cat” barely got scratches after she left that bathroom floor cleaner than  my dentist office. o_O??  Im not even gonna get into the ouchies theme. -_- OH! B4 I 4get, this guy was supposed to be SATO’s Money Man in the island, but he was spending it into Casino’s that’s why he said what he knew.

Loved Steve/ Danny arguing about if Matt was clean or Not.  And the baby? Cuteness Overdose guarantee. D:”Are you focus?” S:”Yes! You read the financials, not surprises” McG PLAYING WITH JOAN!! ***THUD WARNING***



(Steve gives the baby to D)“We are a team Danny! Everybody’s gotta put 110%. Look, Chin’s got his 110% here (points to Joan’s puke in his shirt)… Change her soon or she gets a rash!” D:”A rash?!” C:”Bottle is on the fridge”


McGarrett and Chin finds out Matt was clean! Surprise!!! The baddie  gave him the money because he needed it, but he didn’t know for what. CHARLIE’S BACK!!!! Charlie’s Angels!!! OH WAIT!!! We are in H50 RIGHT!?!? BUT HE’S BACK!!… Lovely was to see Steve thanking him. S:”Hey Charlie! Is good to have you back!!” OF COURSE WE’RE GLAD!! We missed this lil asian geek-cutie!!!


I dont know about you, but Danny is funny but also a weird Babies Story teller!! I think he was trying to tell Joan “The Two Princes and Two Huge Black Stallions”, but I say “Trying” bc he mentioned just ONE stallion…I believe he was telling his story with Steve and his brand new black camaro!! LOL…


S:”That was fast!!” Charlie:”Im making up for the lost time”. Loved the lines and loved McG’s Surprised expression when they got a hit.


CrossFire!! We see Grover again!!! One of the Shooters ran away and Lou takes the chance to try to blame Steve for it…S:”ON MY WATCH? You were standing right there NEXT TO ME!!” Hilarious!!

Danny found out having a baby always gets the attention of women. In this case of the Real State agent! Funny part came in when  Steve and Chin joined him. S:”If you’re gonna put the baby on the sun you should ask me”. OK Stevie Boy!! At least nw we know he would be a good dad one day.


Back to the case…GROVER, GROVER,GROVER… G: “We should wait” S:”I want you to secure the perimeter,OK? Is not gonna escape this time” G:”It wouldn’t have escaped the first time if you should have waited…”(AGAIN? “Dale la mula al trigo”->”And the mule keeps on the wheat”) S:”We could have been death if I would have waited!” G:”Maybe, but there’s a right way and the wrong way,to do things” S:”OK! You don’t like me. Alright I get that. But I’m in commanding control of this operation and a Team Leader. So, you and your team can come on board with this; or you can stay down NOW” G:”Whatever you say, COMMANDER” LOVED IT!!!


D:”Did you give Joan her bottle?”S:”*Does mental backwards tour…AND HE DIDN’T* Of course I did! *Texting Max: ‘Feed Joan NOW!’*” D:”You are texting Max, Don’t you?” S:”What? No!” D:”You are a terrible liar”


And right after that they catch the bad guys! THE SECRETARY!!! And her Boyfriend? I TOLD YA! She sounded to right to be real. She ended up paying consequences tho, alongside her accomplice. And they met the “BLUE ROOM”

Awww…This scene was very touching. The victim left a recorded video tape for his lil son…It was heart warming…


Final scene…Thankfully Mary Ann got better and was able to get her lil cutie back. She thanks Steve who takes the credit??! OH BOY!!! Steve is completely wonderful!!! Never stops to amaze me. She saying “Good Bye” For Joan to all her crazy beautiful uncles was so cute…


And It would have being perfect If would have stayed like that…But AGAIN! For Kono’s SL sake here, I had to put down the fact “Cat” found the location of SATO and she gives it to Steve alongside…OH FLYING PIGS!! We know how this ended…so  THE END!


Hope you enjoyed it!! I know mine is not the first blog putting down recaps/reviews/pic spam or however you want to call this. But I wanted to do so anyways. Like another way to express myself about the show I LOVE!! Trying to add a touch of my own, and why not? A bit of sarcasm, irony and Humor. Try to say things not only from my perspective but because I know others share my same feel here. Yet, you’ll see is written from my personal opinion. So, If you disagree with me, #SorryNotSorry we all are different and that’s what makes us unique in this world. Including our believes, opinions, concerns, preferences… I just ask one lil thing: #RESPECT. THANKS!!




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