Hawaii Five-0 #WeekendChallenge Recap 4×08 “Akanahe”


Here you go lovelies!!! The 3rd and final part of the Hawaii Five-0 #WeekendChallenge Recaps!! With the recent aired Episode, 4×08 “Akanahe”. As usual, hope u enjoy it, and all Constructive Feedback Accepted!!! 🙂 I gotta mention 2 things: 1-What I love the most from doing recaps? WATCH FIVE-0 AGAIN!! MANY TIMES!!! AND 2- Im gonna listen a good advice a dear friend gave me. So, You might notice a lil (Good One I hope!!) change. Hope you like it!!!


“Three Men And A Baby“!!! Wait,NO! Just Five-0 but with a cute baby on. Ladies and Gentleman: JOAN MCGARRETT!!! AND YES!! We got a half naked Steve…Ehh…Hmm…Half naked Steve….Wait! Did I say that already? Well, yes, we had a half naked Steve anyways. There was a case…Let me see…OH YES!!! An undercover ATF Agent was killed by his transcriber to steal money (Was that it? Sorry 2 distracted by Alex/Steve actually). While we saw a very Smart McGarrett having, what were Danny’s words? RIGHT!! “Major Control Issues”. Even when taking care of his lil niece, he passed on HIS Diaper duties to Danny, Chin and Max. Having very funny and cute moments on the way. Danny’s cute evil laugh, Chin’s messed up shirt, Steve playing with Joan, Danny as story teller and well, Steve being Steve but with a baby on *-* I must mention I envy Cath’s shoes on the opening scene of her playing spy again… Which ended up with a poor yakuza guy into the “Blue Room” telling everything about SATO. AND WELCOME TO FIVE-0!! Not my words but McGarrett’s.



A beautiful wife being spoiled  by her husband with a sparkling necklace. She’s admiring it on the mirror, they have a party to go, he doesn’t care bc he’s the boss. A gorgeous bedroom of a huge house, decorated with refined details.

2013-11-17 01.01.56

Suddenly the long nice white curtains start to dance with the wind of a now open window, wife calls his name, no one answers… Except for a small,almost silent moan (I didn’t notice at first, but I re-watched and hear it…)(a scary film, Anyone?) Where did he go? Did he jumped? No… Where is he? 

2013-11-17 01.05.30

BEST OPENING SCENE SO FAR!!! “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?” *DRUMS* MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4!!! WAIT A SEC…OH OH…NO!!! Is not them!!! “Is it a bird, is it a plane? Superman?” NOP!!! JUST FIVE-0 TO THE RESCUE!!!We see the unknow guy being thrown into a chair. Standing right next to him, 4 ppl in NINJA-SPY-ALIKE Suits, say it: “W-O-W”. Even more jaw dropping is to see the faces, the way they took off the masks …HOLY  GUACAMOLE!!! May I rest In Peace now!?  (Sorry,Im enjoying this opening too much…BUT FOR ME Is one of the best scenes!!!)

2013-11-17 01.05.51

Last episode we knew Cath found out SATO’s  full info. Now, they travel the whole way from Hawaii to TOKYO,JAPAN to take him down.(LIL NOTE HERE: This scenes where actually filmed on Vancouver,Canada. Due to Grace’s inability to travel after reportely give birth to a baby boy. Is a more than well done scene bc apparently only Alex and DDK went there to film,not MB. So, Much credit to the incredible editing process)

2013-11-17 16.31.04

Steve on NINJA SUIT-NAVY MODE, Is probably one of the sexiest things ever! (Free to drool all over ladies and gentleman!!!) OH I LOVE U SLOW MOTION!!! We can see every angle bc of it.

2013-11-17 16.19.06

Of course there’s love to my dear Kono Lovers!! For me, It doesn’t matter if it’s only few seconds of Kono bc they’re more than worthy. I hope you’ll agree with me here, when I say Grace Park’s acting has been one of her best from the last seasons. Why? EMOTION, DEEPNESS,FEELINGS. She has been able to show more emotions in the recent episodes, and more expressions in seconds than in minutes from last season .

Back on the scene…Steve:”You are not an easy man to find Sato…” AND  G.I.KONO!!! Or should I say Agent Salt? honestly, I have no idea what description suits her better, JUST HERSELF!! I just know I saw that she did learn something really useful from her time with Adam (After all she witnessed and probably even helped Adam to torture a yakuza). She let out her dark side and used her gun over SATO like a simple spoon over the pan. The fire on her angry Cat eyes were killing!! Her passion would have been deadly for Sato if wouldnt have been for Steve. His sweet way to support her was spechless…

2013-11-17 16.19.57

K: “I know that if I pull this trigger, there’s a bullet that is gonna travel at 1200 feet  per second. Blowing a baseball hole size in your brain, killing you at miliseconds. Now, taking that in account, I wanna ask you again. Where is Adam?” (So polite this girl,huh?!)  Sato: “You will never see him again” (I dunno why, when I see Sato, I miss Sang Min? O_o?!?) K: “You killed him?..*takes a sec and pressures the gun more* IS HE DEATH???(Hmm, Mr.Sato, do you need a hearing device or something? You do realize she has a gun on you,RIGHT?) *Chin looks at Steve and he looks at her (Wonder If Chin knew she would pull the trigger)* IS HE DEATH???????? (Very angry Kono…) *Steve puts his hand over hers…*

2013-11-17 16.30.19

2013-11-17 16.30.42

S:*Stares at her for a moment,then turns to Sato again* “I know if it would be up to Kono, she would put a bullet on you right now. But we’re gonna ride this right.”

2013-11-17 16.32.55

C:*puts a recorder in front of him*You are gonna confess to Adam’s murder” Sato: “What do you want me to say?” Chin: “THE TRUTH! You killed him!!!” Sato: “I wanted Adam dead. But for respect for his father, I let him go” (Kono’s I Don’t Believe you face…) K:”You are lying” Sato:”Am I?…I helped Adam fake his death, so he could disappear.(Hmm, with all due respect Mr.Adam but, Isn’t Joe the person for excellence when it comes to Fake Someone’s death?? -_-) If he’s smart,he’ll never show his face again. If you’re smart, you’ll let this go” OH HER SAD FACE!! 😦

2013-11-17 16.43.19

C: “OK. Steve and Cath took Sato to the drop point. They will meet us at the plane…Hey…”  Don’t sing Woo Hoo, yet…K: “I’m not going with you Chin…(OH,OH… I should have warn you to have more kleenex on hand, shouldn’t I?o_O? Sorry…) Adam is alive (Oh my Romeo!!) Im gonna find him” C: “Michael Noshimuri’s allies think Adam is dead.You don’t have to run anymore, But If you trying look for him,  you’ll both become targets again.” K: “You once told me to follow my heart, that’s what I am gonna do.” C:”Just Be careful, OK?”  K:”Aloha…Thank you…” *Sighs* (Not mine. Chin’s…OK,OK,OK…Mine too!)  Definitely the best 04 Min 21 Secs of Opening Scene So far. Objectively? I’m guessing for everyone’s ship (Well, maybe except McDanno due to the lack of Danny not just on this scenes but during the whole episode as well): McKono, McRoll, McDanno, KoDam…

2013-11-17 16.50.31

We got a case? Not so far… Inside HQ, they’re back while Steve’s on the phone with Danny (I’m believing he’s somewhere with his dad for his birthday, apparently)… Chin: Let me guess… He got a Porsh for his 60th birthday? S: “A CORVETTE!!!” C: “How sweet!!” OMG MOMENT!!! Steve hangs out, but then gets another call… S:”Did you forget to tell me how much you miss me?” Upsss, it was the governor!!! I’m still trying to make sense of how telling him that he thought he was “Detective Williams” made it better…O_o??.


AND WE MEET GROVER’S DAUGHTER: SAMANTHA!! Welcome to Five-0!!! Wait…No, that was not it… YES! She was trying to commit a stupid teenage mistake of taking out her blouse for her boyfriend on the other side of the line (Hmm, Sam? I could fake my own death better without Joe, than you tried to fake yourself sleeping girl!!!)  Sam: “DAD!!! G: “DONT DAD ME!!”…I must say his argument was very very True and right. Good “Mr.Grover” *He takes her laptop away* Sam:”I need that for school!!!” G:”Use a pencil! It works for me” Hilarious!!!

2013-11-17 17.03.11

THE GOVERNOR’S HOUSE!!! Lovely and fancy too!! Loved to see both, Steve’s and Grover’s trucks parking at the same time but just in opposite sites, facing each other. G:”Work with you is a quick way to die” (Aham! Hmmm…Danny much, maybe? o_O?) OH BOY! All that bickering…LOVED IT! Sorry Danny! But still you’re my favorite and you’ll always be!!!

2013-11-17 17.08.09

ALPHA STEVE!!! Always standing! And Grover did fill a complaint against “Five-0 Head”…So, what does McG do? Easy! Takes the file from the governor’s and reads it (Very creative Grover! -_-). S:”Arrogant,out of control, irresponsible, reckless behavior that puts public on risk?…A danger to himself and others…You Son*@*@” (SORRY! Steve’s words!!!). “Lack of accountability” GROVER! Don’t tell the governor how to do his job! LOL… Only “Principal” Dennings can “Steve” Steve!!!

2013-11-17 17.14.33

ENGINES!!! ROUM ROUM RUM!! Let the engines start! OH MALES!!!  So, this was testosterone speaking friends…well more than acting actually. Why did I felt in Grease for a sec there? I like you but I’m sorry LOU! Steve’s Chevy wins this round!!! Literally…

2013-11-17 17.46.10

Not much to say here, the governor put them to serve a warrant -_-. Of Course Steve got to Ian Wright’s house first! Grover calling Gov.Dennings “Your Boy” when talking to McGarrett, Finally you got who’s the boss Lou? XD. G:”You know, there are a lot of good cops around here. They started doing minimum tasks,they learn how to interact with people, we dont know maybe they should get their own unit to run” S:”Yeah, I’m really sorry I missed that part. Was little bussy fighting with the taliban”. OH WELL! Stevie thought “Halo”, the war game, was real gunshots. Grovs,I like you but I’m with my boy on this one. I didn’t even know that game before. It did sound real to me 2! -_-

2013-11-17 18.37.31

AND I’M STILL WITH STEVE! (I guess I will always be 😉 ) This Ian guy is Disgusting!! He had a pile of smelly dirty clothes. He needed a shirt, so what he did? got one from the drity ones on the ground!! S:*Gorgeous Smile”He’s riding with you!” LOL

AND HELL BROKE LOSE!!! Just about when Stevie was to open the door, GUNSHOTS! REAL GUNSHOTS! *Silent voice*“COP-MODE-ACTIVATED”

2013-11-17 19.26.45

Fight and more fights,yet they got the boy, they ended up with flat tires and Stevie with an ouchie. Oh,oh,oh…nop not again…can’t stop myself! He didn’t faint!!! LMAO The bad guys leave and where McG and Lou go? TO THE KITCHEN! Because life is always better around food!!

We got the Grov’s homemade recipe to stop bleeding. Let me see if I got it right… McGarrett plays MacGyver, improvising a Fingerprints Tool Kit. So he’s able to get the prints of the dead guys. While Grover tried to be Jamie Oliver? “Lou’s Cuisine” : “A Teaspoon of Cayenne Pepper, about a half cup of Flour, and just a lil drizzle of honey to make it sweeter…Mix everything right and aply to the wound in questiion!!!”

2013-11-17 19.37.04

GORGEOUS McSEAL!!! “Is nothing, I’m fine” when he’s clearly losing some blood there. But he ends giving up and puts the weird thing on… He moans..“HMMM…HAHMMM” G:”It hurts right?” OF COURSE IT DOES! YOU JUST PUT HOT CHILI ON AN OPEN WOUND!!! :O!!!

2013-11-17 19.45.36

And Grover curses because they took his daughter’s pink laptop. Which led to another funny “Friendly-Talk” S:”You have a very angry disposition, you know that?” G:”OH! Well, maybe is because I’m with you?”  Familiar? Anyone?

2013-11-17 19.47.18

And by the way, someone should tell the guy that if you are in the middle of the island with not tower cell’s near, you won’t get any signal.  S:”Would you stop that? You look like a Blind-Giraffe” OH BOY! You killed me Steve!! I couldn’t have been that witty!!! LMAO  G:”Wherever you go, trouble follows…” Watch out Danny! He’s stealing your lines Buddy!!! So, our beloved SEAL thinks The G is hidding something because he suddenly moved all the way from Chicago,after 20yrs, to the middle island in the pacific… G:”By night is a SEAL, By day is a shrink” BLAME ON DANNY!! To much Dr.Phil tho.

2013-11-17 19.51.37

I wouldn’t forgive myself  if I don’t mention Sexy McHottie riding a horse…that’s all I’m gonna say…


Someone should tell the bank lady if TWO guys carrying guns and badges, one of them is BIG and the other one is a  James Bond alike-RENEWED-SEXIER Version, appear into your bank, LADY YOU LISTEN TO THEM!!! Law of life and law of jungle!!! -_- Well I give her credit for having  Steve begin her!!! 🙂

2013-11-17 20.04.22

So, they finally got it! Ian is a hacker with Lou’s pink “puter” .He was studying “Computer Major Science” from Oahu State University until he got expelled. And Grovs, Steve is the boss, you better get that know.  “Hormones and technology” Best summary ever from Chin about today’s life.

2013-11-17 20.05.12

C:”I think you’re right, check this out *Tries in vain to slide the info from her tablet to the screen…BEEP…BEEP…BEEP…Nop…*” COPITO!! (Spanish expression to someone who says that knows something but doesn’t) I NEVER LOVED YOU MORE STEVE JACK MCGARRETT!! S:*waiting* “Hmm…Nop…” OH CHIN!!! LOVED HIM!!! Always a gentleman, helping “Damsels in Distress(and now from embarrassment 2?)”. Don’t blame me, I actually felt bad for Cath. NAVY INTEL girl, yet Microsoft Windows 8 is complicated to use. I don’t feel bad about myself anymore!!! S:”See?” Well dear newbie, Welcome to Five-0!!!

2013-11-17 20.12.06

2013-11-17 20.16.05

Kono we seriously miss ya! C:”OK! So much from my dramatic entrance…”  Well C, I must say you are right. Nothing better that laughing at yourself to move on girl…*Goes laugh..* OK!!

What’s with the writters huh? Why does always have to be a body part? To have a simple dead person got to boring?? A foot? Seriously?! Well, at least they got the owner!!

2013-11-17 20.26.36

ENLIGHTENING MOMENT!!! Ian is the one behind everything. He hired the bank robers to test his system.Here I’m gonna make a quick summary. Ian used Grover’s laptop to hack into a plane’s system. He’s got the power to make it fall. They have to put him into a plane with no cops or he would do so. Lil issue he doesn’t have the program into the laptop but into another computer somwhere else. Cath is able to determine there’re a lot of different signals. Here is where I wonder, Didn’t the dude studied on Oahu State University? HELLO GUYS!!! University + students+ homerworks+ TECH LAB? And the parking lot ticket included it as well…-_- Anyways Cath finds the program and stops it with another one she got from I-Dont-know-where. But is too late, Ian escaped from the plane and is nowhere to be found…

2013-11-17 20.30.57

Steve tried to get full responsability for what happened, Grover tried the same too. But the governor is happy with the result. McG’s Truck roar again! 😉

2013-11-17 20.42.59

I think is good we got some insight into Grover’s personal life, he seems to be a good dad. BUT A lil advice from someone younger than you Lou? YOU-DON’T-GIVE-BACK-YOUR-DAUGHTER-THE-LAPTOP-A-HACKER-USED!! If you need another one,well you can always ask for one to the only team on the island with “Full Immunity and Means”. AKA HAWAII FIVE-0. I’m pretty sure they would have get you a brand new one, maybe even a Surface you know? #JustSaying

2013-11-17 20.46.32

Well we got to the end. Does anyone have ever seen the 1995’s movie “HACKERS“? YES? NO? Anyways that ATM “talking” to Steve reminded me of that. And the phrase “Good Luck“… Liam Neeson’s “TAKEN” Anyone? In any case I’m gonna take Steve’s “I’m gonna find you” as a promise, so hopefully we’ll see Ian Wright coming back soon. Either case it was creepy and it also reminded me why  NEVER use the ATM: Paranoia, I guess it doesn’t sound that weird now, does it?  I loved last scenes, as always is always about Steve’s gorgeous face…

2013-11-17 20.50.49

2013-11-17 20.50.57

2013-11-17 20.51.25

2013-11-17 20.51.07

Well,that was it. Hope you liked it. The last part of HAWAII FIVE-0 #WeekendChallenge. Thanks for all the support. Means a lot. Was really funny. But that’s not it. Please keep passing by and suscribe to the blog, so you can check on new updates and new H50 Recaps of new episodes. THANKS! MAHALO! GRAZIE! DANK! GRACIAS! MERCI!

As always, LOVE,



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