Hawaii Five-0 Recap 4×09 “Hau’oli Lā Ho’omaika’i”


Here we are gain. Another week, another great episode. A very emotional and Use-A-Bunch-Of-Kleenex-Per-Scene episode. In this girl’s opinion it’s been one of the best episodes of the season so far…

SMALL REVIEW: I loved the way all the characters, Main and secondary ones, shared on the opening and last scene as well in equal parts. Everyone was in their respective place, right choice of dialogue and sequence, proper screen time use for each one. Definitely, the show was owned by the Golden Guest Star Carol Burnett. I must say I feel bad for not knowing her work very well, but in my defense I gotta say I wasn’t even born yet by the time of her golden years. Which I feel a shame because from just this episode she won me as another big fan of her. Her on-screen minutes were more than great and the insight she gave us about The McGarrett Family was like desert before dinner: WONDERFUL. The Episode’s  high quality scenes was something I was missing since  a while. I was more than glad to have part of that magic back alongside with Danny as well. I was glad to see such a splendid acting from Alex O’loughlin, he once again showed his pure talent by making us feel thrills in his emtional scenes with Miss Burnett. And what was heart melting??? STEVE CRYING….DOT…Now…After this small and quick review, let’s remember what happened B4…Shall we? 😉


We had an interesting case which forced Steve worked alongside Grover, while Danny was somewhere with his family. Nick Jonas made a good performance of the baddie, but I must say wasn’t the best baddie of the show. Even though, it left an open door to maybe see him again in another episode. We saw Sexy McHorseRiding, Cath having a Copito moment there(When someone says knows something but doesnt), a funny Chin helping her and Grover getting to know Steve’s methods better. But at least for me the moment that caught basically almost all my recap last time was the NINJA-ALIKE Opening Scene, where we saw the Ohana sense coming back in Kono’s life again. Having Steve,Chin and Cath working with Kono in Tokyo,Japan. A really deep and emotional scene where our beloved K realized Adam was putting a “Doris” on their enemies, by faking his own death to save them. Grover apparently has a daughter and a son. And besides that he’s so smart that gave his daughter her used-by-the-baddie-hacker laptop back. Finishing the episode with a scene that looked from “Taken” when we red the phrase “Good Luck” on Steve’s ATM from Ian Wright(Nick Jonas)…

2013-11-17 20.04.22

NOW ON HAWAII FIVE-0 “Hau’oli Lā Ho’omaika’i”

OH THE BROMANCE! And McGromance too??? We opened the episode with something I dunno how to say it…Atypical? Well, I can’t find another word because we barely see Five-0 Team enjoying  with friends under the Hawaiian sun outside,they’re either on HQ or getting shot at on the field. So I totally loved to see not just Chin/Danny/Steve and now Cath on, but also other dear characters like lil Gracie/Mammo/Kamekona/Duke/Flippa/Grover all having a fun time playing Football on Thanksgiving day. Did I mention Steve and Danny were on opposite teams?? 🙂 OH OH OH!! And D touches Cath’s butt!! WATCH OUT McG!! 😀

Butts Take!!! LOL...

Butts Take!!! LOL…

Of course! Something was missing…DANNY!! We had him back and because apparently he missed the fun of working with the Grovs, he was jealous of seeing him around!!! D:”Why is he(Talking about Lou) here?” S:”hmm,I mean his family is all in Chicago.He has no place to go.” D:”Good! So you invited him to our family Football game!? (How cute is lil Danny?*-*)” S:”Yeah!” D:”HUH! Look I understand there’s been a bounding moment{…}” S:”Hey Man..Look is Thansgiving, OK?…come on call it be a bigger man.”Oh D!! Don’t worry nobody’s gonna take your place on Steve’s heart, you’re irreplaceable!!!

Steve's Ok? Face...& TATTOOS...

Steve’s Ok? Face…&  Arms TATTOOS…*-*

Did I mention Danny's shirt's little hole? So...Gabby's definitely not around ;)

Did I mention Danny’s shirt’s little hole? So…Gabby’s definitely not around 😉

That was funny until I got jealous of Steve’s cute Nokia Lumia 920Windows Phone’s app!! A lil turkey into the oven reminding him he had to go back home to start Thanksgiving dinner. Especially to put the turkey into the oven. Well, it looks like our McSEAL is a McCooker too!! He knows not only how to wear a suit, ride a horse and shot a gun but he also COOKS!! (Like if we needed another reason to love him…)


Obviously no one was happy with him leaving them behind with a tied score!!

Obviously no one was happy with him leaving them behind with a tied score!!

OH HAIRY TURKEY!!! Well, not actually but now we know Mary could Be a great hair stylist!!! And that I liked her red dryer!!! Looks like McG told her the previous night to take out the turkey from the freezer but Joan made her forget about it. So, what’s the logic step before cooking the turkey? Well, Mary reccomends to give it a nice salon treatment!!! 😀 Appararently Stevie doesn’t think the same…


Steve’s face looking at the poor frozen turkey on the table while Baby Jo’s melting smiles and Mary’s Im-sorry-I-didnt-mean-to-do-it expression made laugh so much…And even felt bad for them too!!!


BUT WHO KNOCKS THE DOOR??? Nop, it wasn’t Doris or Joe but Auntie Deb McG!!! YAY!!! Loved to see Steve and Mary sharing loving gestures with her. Showing us the deep bound they have. GREY HAIR GREY HAIR!!! Auntie saw grey hair on Stevie and he said: “Oh, YES! A lil bit…Do you like that???” YES STEVE! WE DO!!! BRAVO!! Coz we needed to be more head over heals for him!!! *-* Everything looked just great but It’s Five-0 so someone call McG RIGHT? Our Man with a now destroyed cooking mission goes to work leaving Auntie and Mare on charge of the dinner.


NO PIC NO PIC!!! No pic of that Disgusting body into chemists container…But things gets interesting!!! The death guy has a secret…


Back with  McAuntie, we find out that McGens are stronger than they look!!! Deb: “Look, Hairnet, we don’t need sarcasm. All we need is a turkey.” Or maybe McWilliams?? It sounded very Danny!!! LOL…  But here I must give the reason to the poor butcher… Looking for a turkey on Thanksgiving day??? That’s like…what about basically IMPOSSIBLE!!!


BABY JOAN!!! Because “Ua Nalohia” wasn’t enough we now saw her being sooooooo adorkable in auntie Deb’s arms. While She was talking with mommy about being a good mom.


Back on HQ….KONO!!!!!! How we miss this girl!!! Sorry, she wasn’t physically tthere yet. But she was on Chin’s Surface laptop letting him know she was going to Seattle following a lead to get Adam. While at the same time she gets the good news from her cuz that Five-0 took down the rest of Michael Nohimuri’s men. I gotta say, WHY DID WE MISS THAT PART??? It would have being amazing to see McG & his Gang, in vest with tigh holsters, taking ALL the baddies down!!! But well…At least we now know she’s coming back very soon… 😀



Hmmm…Something about the case happened here…The vic was secret-service-agent Kyle Russo who was getting ready for the visit of The President of USA to Hawaii. Five-0 visits his boss and soon they all realize that whoever that killed Russo has the president’s itinerary!!!President, secret service, dead man, McGarrett…OH SAY IT: CONSPIRACY!!! LOL..(No,it wasn’t but it ssounded like it at first)  :o!!!

Steve's "We found-something-big-here" face!!

Steve’s “We found-something-big-here” face!!

So, Russo was investigating another guy called Keith Nolan. McG/Danny go check his house. Where they find very interesting equipment. OH HOW I LOVE NEIGHBOORS!!! So, nosy!!! LOL…Well actually in this particular case it was helpful for our team as they got really good information from them..


PA PA PA PAN…..PHONE RINGS!!!! McG’s PHONE RINGS!!! No, it wasn’t Mary telling him she did the mashed potatoe wrong and definitely not Kono (Sorry Cherries!!) It was Duke letting him know Auntie Deb was “unvoluntarily” in jail!!!


OMG!!! My breath was taken away and my kleenex suplies died with this scene… Stevie visits auntie in jail, where she tells him that she wanted “Grass” (Or better said in hawaiian…Pakalolo “Weed”). The reason??? There’s when I felt tears running freely down my checks. For a moment I felt back in time,When I saw Bambi,remember the kids movie of the lil deer that lost his mommy??? Well, Steve’s eyes hearing Deb telling him she has cancer was exactly the same… A poor lost & heart broken little Stevie…

Screenshot_2013-11-26-22-57-21 Screenshot_2013-11-26-22-58-23 Screenshot_2013-11-26-22-58-39 Screenshot_2013-11-26-22-58-53 Screenshot_2013-11-26-22-59-13 Screenshot_2013-11-26-22-59-47

And just after such deep moment, there’s always room for smiles as she asks him to let her be booked and to send her someone good looking to pick her up afterwards…

But we had a case, didn’t we? Well apparently Nolan was actually Dante Barkov, a hired assassin. McG and Grover finds out the president won’t cancel his visit because it’s actually a secret meeting with North Korea diplomats.


I’m guessing Auntie McG didn’t expect to see a woman waiting for her outside!!! Miss Catherine… Just when I Thought the pattern of Commitment-Issues was already passed as She works with Steve, she lives with him, sleeps in the same bed with him and has sex with him…yet she introduced herself as “Steve’s Friend”..Honestly? The Are-They-Aren’t-They thing is old story y’know?? -_- (NO HATE HERE THO)

McAuntie Deb: "Friend?" ;)

McAuntie Deb: “Friend?” 😉

Back on Steve…BROMANCE!! Seriously, I didn’t know how much I like Danny until he was MIA for a while. And HOW MUCH I MISSED HIM!!! {Virtually Hugs him in her mind}…This scene is the prove(in case someone needed it) of how much their friendship has evolved during the years… S:”You got a second for me?” D:”For you, I got a whole minute.” Definitely Bromance is not going away but remains close and firm…


Their talk felt so sincere and emotional…Danny’s suggestion to Steve of create new memories with Deb instead of arguing for her decision of not getting medical treatment couldn’t be better…

But McGarrett is a SEAL right? So he still had work to do… They found an associate to Barkov. In his house Grover shots him in the shoulder. What I loved of this part? Grovs admiring the beautiful hawaiian horizon while leaving THE BIG KAHUNA Steve give a little scare to the dude. How? Well just adding some sort of chemist that reacts with the water, and putting him down over it, feeling the burning bubbles one hair away from his face. Obviously he sang all he knew!!! (Who wouldn’t??o_O??)


Meanwhile as Deb asked, Cath took her to the “Most beautiful spot on the island”. Place where she reminded her that Steve was once a lil boy who lost his mom (Even tho we know she’s alive, being her a liar on the other side of the world doesn’t count). And asked her to help keeping Steve and Mary Ann close. I have to say it was a nice scene and I was glad that their lil touching chat wasnt nothing else beyond that…


“SECURE THE PERIMETER”!!! I’ve lost the count of how many times McG has said that since 4×01. I think he likes it more than “Book’em Danno” which By The Way we haven’t hear in a while right?? O_o?! When he said that? When they finally got into the real target’s house ANDREA the NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOOR!!! I didn’t see that coming!!Either saw Grover following Steve and Chin’s orders so freely!!! :O!!!And by the way, now that we passed the “Im-feeling-better-than-you-attitute” from Lou, i guess we can now say WELCOME ON BOARD CHI MCBRIDE aka GROVER!!!


And right after an intense chasing (Here I feel free to add how for a sec I felt like in one of those creepy scary movies where the girl runs on the woods being chased by the killer…) the baddie shots the girl but only hits her on the shoulder before SUPER CHIN saved the day with a BIG BIG Shotgun from far away!!! OUR HERO!!! 🙂


An like every normal person, after a hard day at work you get to meet the United States President Right??


Men In Suit *-*

Men In Suit *-*

How cute was Danny? All nervous of meeting the president by the first time…


Steve: “I was nervous, too, the first time.”
Danny: “The first time? When did you meet the President?”
Steve: “I can’t tell you that. It’s classified.”

Nothing else to say…Steven Jack McGarrett knows the president…


But if the case is close, what’s next??? RIGHT!! THANKSGIVING DINNER!!! Or should I say Shrimp-Giving?? Shrimps on a Obliged Turkey Night Dinner??? NO, THANKS, BUT I pass (I would either way, unless the “Turkey” would be made from soy as Im a veggie!-_-) So, it looks like at the end Auntie Deb didn’t buy another turkey to cook…


But was good to see everyone in McG’s house. As auntie called them: “AMERICA’S HEROES” Danny,Chin, Kamekona, Gracie,Flippa, Mary, Baby Joan, Cath and even Grover!!! And either they are a bit bored of Kame’s shrimps or they were more than right in wanting something different than Shrimp-Cacerole that night!!! Even tho i don’t eat them, i gotta say it looked very yummy!!! GOOD FRIEND KAME!!! 🙂


BUT WE HAD TO FAINT AGAIN!!! I mean to CRY AGAIN!!! I never was sooooooo attached and spechless while watching a TV Show before. To see the great working talent of both Taryn Manning an Alex O’loughlin portraying such a cute pair of brothers was a 9.9 (Because nothing is perfect right?;))



And because we had to be THANKFUL on a THANKSGIVING episode with the writers, producers, stunt team and cast…They had to give us such a beautiful closing scene… Steve making sure of having new good memories with Auntie Deb. Alongside his sister Mary Ann, baby Joan and his friends: Danny, Gracie, Chin, Cath, Kamekona, Flippa and now Grover too!!! They went straight to his Contingency Plan” …La Mariana Tiki Bar!!!


Screenshot_2013-11-26-23-35-09 Screenshot_2013-11-26-23-36-22 Screenshot_2013-11-26-23-38-53 Screenshot_2013-11-26-23-40-14

And WE SANG TITANIC!!! Wait…NO!! That was not it!!! But we did get to see, to hear actually, the vocal talent of Miss Burnett singing as Deb McGarrett!!! LADIES AND GENTLEMAN!!! The memory to keep forever in Steve and Mary’s life. Deb’s “little Ohana” staring at her beautiful performance of  “I Got the Sun in the Mornin’ (and the Moon at Night)”.(More info abt the song HERE)Which i see as a fair farewell. Or like Kono once said: “Aloha, Malama Pono”. Because we don’t know yet if we’re gonna see  auntie again and even if we do, we don’t know under which circumnstances it’d be…

Proud Stevie in suit *-*

Proud Stevie in suit *-*

I have nothing else to say, as you see sarcasm wasn’t present much  because I still am recovering from the lack of words it left on me seeing our beloved Steve in such deepness. As Alex pulled out a “The Notebook” one on me. By make me having feelings from second one of minute one till second 20 of minute 44. His performance was great even though  “The Promise” was the more teary one. In this episode he showed he’s more than just walking sexiness with a melting smile and the millions -fans-tail but a BIG WALKING TALENT, with the eyes of a seductor, the smile of a king and the  charisma of a modern day prince. YES! I got really inspired here but seeing past and present collide doesn’t happen very often. Alex and Carol together brought a great episode to always remember…

We don’t know what’s celebrate Thanksgiving here in Costa Rica, because we don’t do it.But I DO KNOW what is to feel grateful of still have something wonderfully worthy to see and appreciate it. MAHALO NUI LOA FOR EVERY SINGLE PERSON WORKING ON OR/AND FOR THE SHOW. BOTH CAST&CREW: ACTORS, PRODUCER,S CAMERA MEN, MAKEUP, WARDROBE,STUNT TEAM AND EVEN THE CLEANING STAFF. FOR TO PUT ALL THE EFFORT THEY DO IN CREATE THIS AMAZING SHOW!!! ALOHA!!!




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