Hi Everyone!

 I’m proudly costarican, born and raise.I live in one of the most turistic places of the country. I’m really close to the beach and mountains as well. That has helped me to appreciate the beauty of life and enjoy every second of it that I has been granted with. I learn something new every day as I dedicate myself to explore it and look, not just to see but to look, to look every single detail of awesomeness that I can take from this beautiful place on earth that I’m lucky to live in.

I studied Marketing and other stuff. If you noticed my obsession is the best show ever Hawaii Five-0 and his star Alex O’loughlin, better know in Twitter by our group aka @McPervWorld. You are more than welcome to visit and follow.

 My life philosophy is as simple as “No matter what, Always with as smile On”. I’m always positive and I want to share that with you. Like everyone I have my own story behind my back, but I found out that everything is better if being positive and smile. If you have questions or requests about something you would like to share with me just let me know.

If you want to know more about me, just check my page

Like always, much love

Zia =)


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