Ask ZeeZee


Now u wonder, Who’s ZeeZee??? WELL I AM!!!

WHY?? Well, 2 things:

1rst.  Some of my dear Twitter friends  called me that.

2nd. Dear @LizzieM2001 Beat me up on “Words with Friends” with “Zee” for 35 points, killing that way my chances to win!!

Anyways, that’ the why. About the what… This page was made to post comments, I hope you will feel free to ASK ME  whatever you want,about anything. (Please note I might not answer if I feel they’re too personal or out of tone, innapropiated)

But I just created this space for you to be creative!! Don’t be shy!! And it doesn’t have to be about me. Do you want to know something about science, technology, cooking, TV…W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R!!! Have doubts?? Ask ZeeZee!!!





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