Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 Premier


Finally!!! After months of waiting our favorite show ever is finally here!!! YES! I’m talking about Hawaii Five-0 Season 4 premier tonight on its new schedule by CBS at 9pm USA East Time.

Last season, 3×24 “”Aloha,Malama Pono” or in English “”Farewell,Take care”, we saw an action packed episode. We saw Steve facing Doris for the first time, his words “A-I don’t buy, B-I don’t care” are still on my head. Their faces were priceless. Kono, choosing to be with Adam, running away leaving her Five-0 Ohana behind, broke my heart. Chin giving himself another chance with this new girl,Leilani. Danny trying to work out things with Gabby. Cath joining the Five-0 Ohana ship. WoFat’s terrified face at hearing that someone was there wanting to kill him…

That was the last scene of the episode. It left us wondering who was behind that door and what would Steve do. In my case I have to say I don’t mind the spoilers or teasers, in matter of fact I love them. It helped me throught the hiatus. Thanks to them, I know Steve is gonna allow his NAVY SEAL side to get out playing a bit to save himself, and the irony of life, his archyenemy as well. That Cath gets kidnapped, that HQ’s taken hostage and that we are gonna lose Danny’s beloved car, the silver Camaro.

Emotions are all over everywhere. Today all we can talk about on Twitter is #H50, which we hope we wil be able to trend. That and the fact I just read Alex O’loughlin will be live tweeting via @HawaiiFive0CBS, it’s killing me!! I know for sure this new season is gonna be a blast!

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