Hawaii Five-0 Recap 4×09 “Hau’oli Lā Ho’omaika’i”


Here we are gain. Another week, another great episode. A very emotional and Use-A-Bunch-Of-Kleenex-Per-Scene episode. In this girl’s opinion it’s been one of the best episodes of the season so far…

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Hawaii Five-0 #WeekendChallenge Recap 4×08 “Akanahe”


Here you go lovelies!!! The 3rd and final part of the Hawaii Five-0 #WeekendChallenge Recaps!! With the recent aired Episode, 4×08 “Akanahe”. As usual, hope u enjoy it, and all Constructive Feedback Accepted!!! 🙂 I gotta mention 2 things: 1-What I love the most from doing recaps? WATCH FIVE-0 AGAIN!! MANY TIMES!!! AND 2- Im gonna listen a good advice a dear friend gave me. So, You might notice a lil (Good One I hope!!) change. Hope you like it!!!


“Three Men And A Baby“!!! Wait,NO! Just Five-0 but with a cute baby on. Ladies and Gentleman: JOAN MCGARRETT!!! AND YES!! We got a half naked Steve…Ehh…Hmm…Half naked Steve….Wait! Did I say that already? Well, yes, we had a half naked Steve anyways. There was a case…Let me see…OH YES!!! An undercover ATF Agent was killed by his transcriber to steal money (Was that it? Sorry 2 distracted by Alex/Steve actually). While we saw a very Smart McGarrett having, what were Danny’s words? RIGHT!! “Major Control Issues”. Even when taking care of his lil niece, he passed on HIS Diaper duties to Danny, Chin and Max. Having very funny and cute moments on the way. Danny’s cute evil laugh, Chin’s messed up shirt, Steve playing with Joan, Danny as story teller and well, Steve being Steve but with a baby on *-* I must mention I envy Cath’s shoes on the opening scene of her playing spy again… Which ended up with a poor yakuza guy into the “Blue Room” telling everything about SATO. AND WELCOME TO FIVE-0!! Not my words but McGarrett’s.

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Hawaii Five-0 #WeekendChallenge! Recap 4×07 “Ua Nalohia”


Here we are again!!! So excited!!!! This is part 2 of Hawaii Five-0 #WeekendChallenge!!! Thanks to my dear friends for the support and kind words!! You really inspire me!!


We got another Halloween Episode. Even when it wasn’t that creepy as previous years, I consider that to have a headless corpse and Human Experiments on Teenagers was more than ok with the date. We saw Max and Sabrina again, one of my fave pairings so far. We got a bit more of Cath/Steve drama mixed with Zombie Theme Alike case. What would Be of Danny without Grace? The lil cutie this time around choose to cover his three with toilet paper instead of doing it to a neighboor’s one!! Besides the case, we enjoyed to know the lil fact that Danny is claustrophobic! How? We didn’t know. But Steve’s face was amazing!! Well, even Max knows how to use HQ’s technology but someone else doesnt (Wonder who? ;D) At least they put Cath to good use (About time?)  by allowing her to investigate on Adam’s dissapearance (Watch out Annie Walker! (Covert Affairs, any1?)LOL) Steve being a hero, again and some Danny/Grace bonding time!!!


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Hawaii Five-0 #WeekendChallenge! Recap 4×6 “Kupouli ‘La”


So, friends I know it’s been a while since last time I wrote. But many things happened in the last weeks included me getting sick and then getting my pinky toe broken. But anyways DRAMA-FREE-ZONE HERE!!! 🙂

So this weekend I asked via Twitter 2 u my dear friends if you wanted a challenge, well more for me than for you! Andyou said yes!!! So, Im working as fast as I can to make it happen!! So here we GO!!! Hawaii Five-O Recaps #WeekendChallenge !!! So, here is the first of three recaps o the recent #H50 Episodes. ENJOY!!!


On episode 4×05 we saw a very emotive episode when we,predictable, lost Billy from a bullet hole in his stomach. Everything after a failed surveillance case that he and Catherine were working on. I must say we had some fun the fainting theory here but Im gonna leave that out. The whole episode was around finding out the guilty one. As well as we saw Cath being cop without a badge and Joe coming back with more misteries. Yes! Joe, came back into the picture just to let us know there was a small mysterious piece of paper with numbers into the ChampBox’s recorder, which apparently were a file of Doris…O_o??? That and how, in the other side of the world, Adam make the sacrifice of giving himself away to keep Kono safe…What’s her decision? To stay loyal to her love and look after him. Besides the touching funeral scenes, looking at Billy’s dad receive the flag and gorgeous Steve in Full Dress White with the rest into an Irish Pub…

2013-10-26 23.45.11

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Hawaii Five-0 Pic Spam 4×05 “Kupu’ eu” (Fallen Hero)

Again, sorry friends I didn’t posted this before. To be honest I still was on shock trying to digest everything that happened.  So, this is not the typical long recap but more like an overview of what happened the last 2 weeks Ok?BUT Before telling you everythnng about it. Why don’t we remember the previous ep , 3 weeks ago, a lil bit?

PREVIOUSLY ON “A ia la aku”

OH GOOD KOWLOON!!! That’ where the episode started as we saw Adam and Kono taking a yakuza from te trunk of a car and put hi into an old storage place. Just to ater find out the guy was under the orders of Sato, they wanted not only Adam and Kono dead. Our dear Kono calls Chin to let him knows the news while he tells (well more than warned) Adam he must he keep his promise and keep Kono safe. OH Julia Roberts! She and making women believe it’s ok to runaway on the same day of the wedding. That’s how the case started a runaway bride crashing down a hill, a dead guy appeared in a hotel room who ended up being the bride’s con-artist brother. The mother in law’s lawyer was who killed the guy and tried to blackmail the bride. At the end as usual Five-0 discovers everything and arrested the baddie. Meanwhile Danny breaks up with Gabby, who is going to work on Colorado at the same time that Catherine started to work with Billy.

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Hawaii Five-0 Recap 4×04 “A ia Ia aku”


Here’s my last recap about Hawaii Five-0’s latest episode! Im really sorry for the delay, this was supposed to be posted about 2 days ago, but I had some internet issues. Still, I guess it’s never too late to read about Hawaii Five-0 Right? ENJOY!!

PREVIOUSLY ON “Ka’ oia i’o ma loko”

Five-0 Team investigated the murder of a wealthy Hawaiian couple. Later on is revealed that the reason of the crime was to get one hawaiian artifact related with an old legend. One that ended up being real, and that with the help of Jerry they were able to resolve. The three gold rings were put sound and safe. While on personal ground,Danny keeps “Cargumenting” with Steve about the big mistake he’s making by allowing Catherine go working Billy. Steve becomes “BFF” with Max after he helped him to get a gift for Cath’s ceremony. Catherine gets ready to leave the Navy and gets a going-away party from Billy (With a very yummy Cake by the way). At the end we find Steve realizing Billy’s real intentions as he sees him on Catherine’s ceremony with flirty smiles.

2013-10-18 18.25.41

NOW ON “A ia Ia aku”…

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Never too late! H50 Recap Combo! 4×02 + 4×03

Hello Friends! It’s been a while right? Sorr for that! But I guess it’s better if you two by one at once. So,Im  not gonna sa more except for ENJOY!

PREVIOUSLY  ON “Aloha Kehaki I Kehaki”

On the season premiere we got amazing action scenes! McG played like a video game to save himself and Wo  Fat. He got held hostage alongside Danny and Chin into HQ. Cath was kidnapped to blackmail Steve to set free the terrorists. They fought together against them and Steve did one of his best stunts ever by jumping into a helicopter in movement. Danny calling him” Superman” Oh! And Steve  confronting Cap. Grover somewhere in between. Steve suspected WF could be his brother and took his DNA to Max to running against his own. And we finished the episode finding out that the terrorists sold Kono&Adam’s location to the Yakuzas, having Kono hanging out on who was behind her door…

2013-09-29 00.33.13

NOW ON “A’ Ale Ma’a Wau” (4×02)

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