US NAVY Uniforms

OK, So after watching H50 last Friday night, Many questions rose up. But one that called my attention was non-directly-related with the episode but more with Uniforms. YES! One friend asked: “Why did they use The Whites with Billy and The Blues with Freddy?” Incredible question! So, this girl’s curiosity turned on and did some research about it. Wanna know more about the why? In that case keep reading…

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Hawaii Five-0 Ep 402 + 403 Poll Results


Fair enought to let you know last week’s Polls about episodes 4×02 and 4×03. Here’s what you said about them…

How was Episode 4×02?

67 % Said it was AMAZING

33 % Think It Could Be Better

How was Episode 4×03?

100% Said it was AMAZING

Shocking great results!!! THANKS FOR VOTING!

BUT PLEASE REMEMBER! You have till the end of the month to keep expresing your opinion on my HAWAII FIVE-0 FANS CHOICE SURVEY!

I truly appreciate all your support dear friends! So,KEEP DOING IT! 😉




Law And Order: SVU “American Tragedy”


I Know, it’s really late for this recap, have no words to explain how time passes  by so quickly. Still I don’t wanna leave yo hanging out on what happened here! So, here’s my late recap of last week’s episode 15×02 Titled “American Tragedy” and losely based on the Trayvon Martin case,the one about that young boy that paid the price of being just a black kid walking on the rain on his way back home with his life. The case that touched many hearts around the world.

PREVIOUSLY ON LOSVU “Imprisoned Lives”

SVU Squad worked to find the man that had 3 women imprisoned in a cold, dark basement. Having one them inpregnated and give birth to a boy. And is through him that they are able to find out where they were held hostage all those years. When they find the guy and send him to prison, the girls try to go back to normal, which for them is basically impossible. Yet again Olivia gives us a Life lesson by letting them know they have the will to thrive, telling that by her personal experience. Also showing us how she’s dealing differentely with her ordeal from then and on, a stronger Liv and determined woman to keep going with her life and leave the pain behind. Looking forward to a better life.


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Law and Order: SVU S15 Premiere Part 2: “Imprisoned Life”


As promised, even when late, for sure, The second part of LOSVU S15 Part 2. I Must say I couldn’t find the words to write down a good recap about this. I know, then you wonder Why then you did the first part?

Simple answer: It was the most important part of the story, what leads us to the posterior episodes. The one that showed us a deeper side of our dear characters, different dimensions and different perspectives. It exploded the actors talent and over all proved us Law and Order: SVU is more than just a crime procedural, it showed us the other side of th story, not cops looking for a criminal and helping the victim but friends  looking for one o their own, a strong woman becoming not a victim but a survivor, the struggle and fight, the investigation and the hunting, the desesperation and the hope, the law and the order…

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Left Overs? Make a Yummy Dish!!!

2013-09-16 21.13.51So, this is my first Food post. Im not gonna put you a list of ingredients and procedures. But I do have to tell you how I feel about cooking for a start. Im not dedicated no the kitchen, Im not a chef and definitely don’t intent to become one, But I do enjoy cooking what  I feel up to. I’ve been a vegetarian fro more than 4 years straight already, which I gotta say changed my point of view about food.

I know you are thinkng :“BAH! Im not a veggies person,don’t want to read about that either”. But Who said something about me talking about them? Im gonna show you how vegetarian or not you can enjoy food iin different ways you didn’t imagine you could. Starting by how do you choose what you are gonna make, and how much do you actually know about what you are eating. I can asure you, you wont regret reading this parts of my blog.

But, what does the title of this article says? RIGHT! Left Overs! What do you do with them? Wanna find out what I do with them?…

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