Dear Friends:

On this page you will find links and updates of my FanFiction stories. Generally this ones wil be about my favorite shows, those you will learn about soon. But also I’m thinking I might include links to other author’s stories, that one way or another had become on my favorites too.

Right now, you won´t see any. That’s because I haven’t post any of my stories yet. I’m working hard on write them in  a way you will like them and enjoy them. So, keep checking here to get updates.

But till then you might want to start thinking: “Why don’t I try to do the same?”. Was there a show you loved but you didn’t like the outcome of a character? or an episode you didn’t like how it ended? So why don’t you try it? I mean just per fun. I mean don’t tell me there wasn’t at least one time where you said: “Why? Why? God Why?” And then you would like it to be different? I’m just saying, if you want, you can try.

I guess this pic shows what I mean…


Like always, much love,

Zia =)


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