Open Journal

“An open space to share not just thoughts but feelings and emotions.”

In a society where there’s no respect for others opinions, where people believe they’re the only ones with the right thought, and where emotions get sidelined. I created this page as an open space, not just for me but for everyone that feels it this way too. Not to just put a fancy old phrase said by someone else, but personal insight of matters that I feel are not just mine but everyone’s.

I hope you’ll feel free to visit this page and open up yourself, share your personal experiences or just read and meditate. I want this page to be a drama free place where we can talk about everything, anything that’s in our minds. But especially those things we might have kept for ourselves only but that now might be the right time to let that out. To speak up loud or what we believe in and stand up for those that need it.

Do you have a story you would like to tell? Do you have an experience you woud like to share? Then, Why not? If you feel you  want to do so, then e-mail me, talk with me. I’ll gladly publish it here for you as you want me to. You don’t want to see your name on? It’s ok too, anonymously is open as well. Do you have any doubts about this? Ask me, I’ll answer as soon as possible.

I just feel with all the right to ask for one thing, and one thing only. A simple word that does make the difference: RESPECT. Please, whatever you wanna express, do it but always remembering TO RESPECT others opinions as well. Because you might  NOT be the only one with a good point.

With that said, I just wish you can enjoy this page as much as I hope you will.




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