Here you’ll get to see  my personal reviews about different TV Shows, lot of them you’ll probably be fan of or at least like or see. Also some movies, soap operas and videos I had seen and felt the need to write of in here.

Mainly of my favorite TV Shows, I’m gonna name my Top 5 (For now) in order here:

1. Hawaii Five-0

2 .Law and Order: SVU

3. Criminal Minds

4. Chicago Fire

5. Bones

This might change from #3 and down, #1 & #2 is more than safe in that order. That’s because each season brings something different, something that really calls my attention than others. But in general I like them all. Especially the first two because they had earn my heart in more ways than you can imagine.Wether if it’s for the characters, the stories they tell or just because I feel connected somehow with it or with one or more of its actors.

Anyways, I will publish them ASAP, according to my personal circumstances, because I have a really busy life. But If you want to check for updates you can always look at my Twitter page.

índiceHope to fill that page soon…

Much love,

Zia =)



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