Hawaii Five-0 #WeekendChallenge! Recap 4×6 “Kupouli ‘La”


So, friends I know it’s been a while since last time I wrote. But many things happened in the last weeks included me getting sick and then getting my pinky toe broken. But anyways DRAMA-FREE-ZONE HERE!!! 🙂

So this weekend I asked via Twitter 2 u my dear friends if you wanted a challenge, well more for me than for you! Andyou said yes!!! So, Im working as fast as I can to make it happen!! So here we GO!!! Hawaii Five-O Recaps #WeekendChallenge !!! So, here is the first of three recaps o the recent #H50 Episodes. ENJOY!!!


On episode 4×05 we saw a very emotive episode when we,predictable, lost Billy from a bullet hole in his stomach. Everything after a failed surveillance case that he and Catherine were working on. I must say we had some fun the fainting theory here but Im gonna leave that out. The whole episode was around finding out the guilty one. As well as we saw Cath being cop without a badge and Joe coming back with more misteries. Yes! Joe, came back into the picture just to let us know there was a small mysterious piece of paper with numbers into the ChampBox’s recorder, which apparently were a file of Doris…O_o??? That and how, in the other side of the world, Adam make the sacrifice of giving himself away to keep Kono safe…What’s her decision? To stay loyal to her love and look after him. Besides the touching funeral scenes, looking at Billy’s dad receive the flag and gorgeous Steve in Full Dress White with the rest into an Irish Pub…

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