Law And Order:SVU S15 Premiere Part 1: “Surrender Benson”


I know we already passed this, last week. I apologize for the late post. Time flies fast, but I still have my compilation about the amazing season 15 premiere of Law And Order: SVU. Hope you enjoy it in case you missed it!

Previosly on LOSVU… “Her Negotiation”

In the last episode of season 14 we saw SVU Team face a very smart, dangerous and creepy criminal called “William Lewis“. A man without remorse of any kind that enjoyed the pain of his victims, that tortured them for hours before let them go or kill them. Against every logical point of view, even when they knew for sure this was their guy, the “justice” set him free, once again. That’s when we came to realize he was involved in many trials but he was never convicted because he always found the way to get away. Especially after losing their prime witness, the only one that could have put him definetely on jail.  If that wasn’t enough, the perv gets a hold on Olivia… After long days trying to put him away without any results, Cap.Cragen decides to send Liv home for 2 days, The biggest mistake he could have comitted and that he would find out later.

We fade in blank looking our hero Olivia Benson being held at gun point by no one else than…YES! The perv, Lewis. Leaving us wondering what would be the destinity of our dear Liv. Only with the hopes of the constant use of the hashtag #SAVEBENSON, during weeks on Twitter…


NOW ON LOSVU… “Surrender Benson”…

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