Hawaii Five-0 #WeekendChallenge Recap 4×08 “Akanahe”


Here you go lovelies!!! The 3rd and final part of the Hawaii Five-0 #WeekendChallenge Recaps!! With the recent aired Episode, 4×08 “Akanahe”. As usual, hope u enjoy it, and all Constructive Feedback Accepted!!! 🙂 I gotta mention 2 things: 1-What I love the most from doing recaps? WATCH FIVE-0 AGAIN!! MANY TIMES!!! AND 2- Im gonna listen a good advice a dear friend gave me. So, You might notice a lil (Good One I hope!!) change. Hope you like it!!!


“Three Men And A Baby“!!! Wait,NO! Just Five-0 but with a cute baby on. Ladies and Gentleman: JOAN MCGARRETT!!! AND YES!! We got a half naked Steve…Ehh…Hmm…Half naked Steve….Wait! Did I say that already? Well, yes, we had a half naked Steve anyways. There was a case…Let me see…OH YES!!! An undercover ATF Agent was killed by his transcriber to steal money (Was that it? Sorry 2 distracted by Alex/Steve actually). While we saw a very Smart McGarrett having, what were Danny’s words? RIGHT!! “Major Control Issues”. Even when taking care of his lil niece, he passed on HIS Diaper duties to Danny, Chin and Max. Having very funny and cute moments on the way. Danny’s cute evil laugh, Chin’s messed up shirt, Steve playing with Joan, Danny as story teller and well, Steve being Steve but with a baby on *-* I must mention I envy Cath’s shoes on the opening scene of her playing spy again… Which ended up with a poor yakuza guy into the “Blue Room” telling everything about SATO. AND WELCOME TO FIVE-0!! Not my words but McGarrett’s.

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