Left Overs? Make a Yummy Dish!!!

2013-09-16 21.13.51So, this is my first Food post. Im not gonna put you a list of ingredients and procedures. But I do have to tell you how I feel about cooking for a start. Im not dedicated no the kitchen, Im not a chef and definitely don’t intent to become one, But I do enjoy cooking what  I feel up to. I’ve been a vegetarian fro more than 4 years straight already, which I gotta say changed my point of view about food.

I know you are thinkng :“BAH! Im not a veggies person,don’t want to read about that either”. But Who said something about me talking about them? Im gonna show you how vegetarian or not you can enjoy food iin different ways you didn’t imagine you could. Starting by how do you choose what you are gonna make, and how much do you actually know about what you are eating. I can asure you, you wont regret reading this parts of my blog.

But, what does the title of this article says? RIGHT! Left Overs! What do you do with them? Wanna find out what I do with them?…

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